Connecting With the Community

Connecting With the Community

We take our exotic animals to schools in El Paso, TX

At Ark Exotics, we spend time in our community sharing and educating our peers on the benefits of exotic animals as pets. We take our furry and scaly friends to local schools for interactive and educational workshops on turtles, ferrets, sugar gliders, chinchillas, snakes, lizards and many of our other exotic pets. We teach students about:

  • Different breeds
  • Different species
  • Animal characteristics

If you’d like to schedule an animal workshop with us, call Ark Exotics at 915-757-7750.

Home expos for your organization in El Paso, TX

If you’re interested in hosting an interactive and educational event on exotic animals, call today. We’re happy to work with schools, boy scout or girl scout troops, day care centers, or any group of people looking to learn more.

Call 915-757-7750 to find out how we can set up an animal showing for you.