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Find Exotic Animals in El Paso, TX

We’re not your typical pet store

At Ark Exotics, we carry pets that you won’t find in your typical neighborhood pet store. Our array of exotic animals includes:

Fish | Birds | Reptiles | Small animals

We also carry the appropriate equipment and food for your exotic pet. Stop in at our El Paso, TX location today to check out our far-from-typical pet store. You might find a critter or reptile you’ve never actually seen in person. Well, here’s your chance!

Trust Ark Exotics for exotic animal care

Unfortunately, many pet stores earn a bad reputation for not providing quality care for their animals. That is not the case at Ark Exotics. We take our business, and the care of our creatures, very seriously. When you visit our El Paso, TX pet store, you can expect to find well-fed, clean animals in clean and humane living environments.

To learn more about our exotic animal care practices, call 915-757-7750 today.

Equipment and supplies for your ferrets, turtles, reptiles and others

If you have an exotic pet, you need a shop that carries all of the food, toys, cages and other equipment you need to give it a quality life in your home. Visit Ark Exotics in El Paso, TX to see our selection and speak with one of our highly-trained associates. They will help you find the products that are best for the needs of your pet.

Call 915-757-7750 today to ask about our pet supplies inventory.

3 good reasons to adopt an exotic pet

When you picture a household pet, most people instantly think of a cat or dog, because these are the kinds of pets everyone has. At Ark Exotics, we believe all creatures deserve a happy home. Here are three reasons you should add an exotic animal companion to your family:

  1. Many exotic pets are low maintenance: These pets are perfect for busy people who want a pet companion but can’t commit to one that needs a ton of time and attention.
  2. They need a home: Even the tiniest fish needs a home. When you adopt any exotic pet, you are giving them a safe place to live, interact and grow.
  3. You can give them personal attention: We pride ourselves on taking good care of our animals, but when you adopt an exotic pet, you are opening the doors to even more attention and love for them.

Visit Ark Exotics today to adopt an exotic animal who needs a good home.

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